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What You Need

Boy Reading Tablet


Exceeding Expectations

Enhance your students reading, writing, and communication skills that builds confidence and socialization.

Tutoring sessions will be by appointment only


G.E.M.S. & G.E.N.T.S

Our program is designed to empower/provide adequate tools and encouragement to help individuals become successful in their lives and within our society. It emphasizes immediate application of learning by providing participants with added opportunities to enhance their education and explore successful strategies to acquire leadership qualities.
We aim to enhance reading, writing, and communication skills that increase literacy levels and build confidence and socialization.

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Parenting Program

Supportive social services that strengthen the family.

The objective of our Parenting Program is to have a shared understanding that many of the behaviors displayed by children are normal and even necessary for their development as individuals. As well as acquiring the necessary skills to better fulfill our responsibility as parents. 

This Parenting Program is based on a series of informational sessions such as improving communication and the education for children. We offer solutions to common problems parents face today.

These parenting sessions will be available in both English and Spanish in Iredell County. 

We would love to see you in one of our programs.

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